About the School of Purpose


The School of Purpose was founded as an off-shoot of a research project on purpose and meaning. Along with a team of talented students, sociologist Bradley Wright spent a year studying how people experience and create purpose in their own life. This topic spans numerous disciplines, and it covers theory, empirical findings, and applied principles

Midway through the project, we realized that what we were learning was interesting not just for academic research but also for living a good life. We cast about for how to share what we were learning, and we ended up with the School of Purpose. It comprises this website, a podcast, and ad hoc training programs. podcast on your social media.

The best way to engage the School of Purpose is to sign up for our mailing list. You can do, as well as ask any questions that you have, by sending an email to Schoolofpurposeorg@gmail.com.

School of Purpose Newsletter

Each month, we send you a newsletter full of insight on finding purpose in life. It includes real people’s experiences, research, and general ideas. The newsletter also includes offers and recommendations of purpose resources that you can use.