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The Science & Art of Finding Life Purpose

How do I find purpose in life?

It is an elusive but essential question to answer. People with purpose live better lives. They are happier, have stronger relationships, get sick less often, and do better at work. They even live longer.

People without purpose feel adrift and lost. Theirs are lives of anguish and meaninglessness. There is little reason to get out of bed each morning. 

We each have our own journey into purpose.

The School of Purpose is a group of scholars, practioners, and students who study how people find purpose. We have idenitifed processes and created strategies that can guide you in your journey.


The School of Purpose Podcast interviews people who have found purpose in their lives. From their stories, we learn about how purpose works, and we are inspired to have more in our own lives. It also features experts who study purpose. New episodes every Wednesday. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and other podcasting sites.


We have created several multiple training experiences on finding purpose in life. They include a webinar, a four-session class, and a longer master class. We have offered these to universities, community groups, and churches. If you’re interested in having one done for your group, contact us at schoolofpurposeorg@gmail.com. We are here to help.



Feedback from prior events (unsolicited too!).

I woke up early this morning with my mind on fire, stoked by the class yesterday… clarity and new intuition!
Philip B.

High School Teacher

This class came at the perfect time, and I’m enjoying how it is guiding my thinking and reflections. I appreciate all of your guidance.

Katie N.

Wealth Management Professional

The class was really powerful! You’ve given me a lot to think about, and I love the feedback between intuition and experience.

Robin M.

Museum Administrator

Without this training, I’d still be planning on being a miserable lawyer for my whole life…. Now, I am truly happy in the direction I am heading.

Nick C.

University Student


This training guide gives your three exercises for finding meaning in your everyday life. You will uncover sources of meaning that you didn’t realize existed. You will develop strategies for making every day more meaningful.

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Questions? Suggestions? Just want to say “hi”? We’d love to hear from you. Just send us an email at schoolofpurpose@gmail.com