Workshops & Classes


As School of Purpose has developed, we’ve received requests by individuals and groups to share with them what we’ve been learning. In response, we have created training events on the topic of what life purpose is and how to find more of it. They range from one-time webinars to multisession classes. We have offered training to universities, community groups, and churches. At this point, these are done on an ad-hoc basis. If you’re interested, contact us at schoolofpurposeorg@gmail.com. We’re here to help.

Here is some of the feedback that we’ve received from prior events.



I woke up early this morning with my mind on fire, stoked by the class yesterday… clarity and new intuition!
Philip B.

High School Teacher

This class came at the perfect time, and I’m enjoying how it is guiding my thinking and reflections. I appreciate all of your guidance.

Katie N.

Wealth Management Professional

The class was really powerful! You’ve given me a lot to think about, and I love the feedback between intuition and experience.

Robin M.

Museum Administrator

Without this training, I’d still be planning on being a miserable lawyer for my whole life…. Now, I am truly happy in the direction I am heading.

Nick C.

University Student

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